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A gift from Lord Shiva to benefit mankind. There is no other bead as auspicious and powerful as the Rudraksha. The benefits from wearing the Rudrakshas are as mentioned in the Shiva Maha Puran and Padma Puran, Jabalopanishad and Skanda puran.


Unless one is familiar with seeing originals and fakes. Often the higher expensive could end up being fakes. Certificates have no meaning, as they are often created by the seller. Be aware when purchasing 10 mukhi and above. If it sounds cheap then it often faked by cutting extra lines. So 10 mukhi could easily become 16 mukhi by carefully cutting 6 extra lines. More fakes here.

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  • Rudraksha trees grow in the most remote of areas.. Rudraksha trees grow in the most remote of areas..
  • The fruit is blue as Lord Shiva himself The fruit is blue as Lord Shiva himself
  • The leaves often alternate between green and red.. The leaves often alternate between green and red..
  • The great sage Agastya wore the Rudrakshas thousands of years ago The great sage Agastya wore the Rudrakshas thousands of years ago
  • Prambanan temple in Java Prambanan temple in Java
  • Annamalaiyar temple Tamil nadu Annamalaiyar temple Tamil nadu
  • Sanur Bali Sanur Bali
  • Candi Badut Java Candi Badut Java
  • Bali temple offerings Bali temple offerings
  • Kailash Kailash
  • Candi Sambisari Java Candi Sambisari Java
  • Summit of Arunachala Summit of Arunachala
  • Thiruvannamalai Thiruvannamalai
  • Agastya Lopamudra temple Tamil nadu Agastya Lopamudra temple Tamil nadu
  • Madurai temple Tamil nadu Madurai temple Tamil nadu
  • Lingam at Thanjaur temple Lingam at Thanjaur temple
  • Thanjaur temple Thanjaur temple
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Om namah Shivaya

Rudraksha, Rudraksh or Rudraksham for stress?

....Thousands of people who have worn authentic Rudraksha beads repeatedly confirmed that it has given them considerable relief from blood pressure, stress, hyper tension, depression and other mind related problems including neurotic conditions......source Rudraksha magic.

Welcome to Sacred Rudraksha we are a small family business based in Perth, Australia. We have been involved with this precious bead since 1999, and have gained tremendous benefits through them. Our aim is to share and provide you with quality genuine Rudrakshas at a reasonable price. Our business is based on trust. All our Rudrakshas sold are from Indonesia, India and Nepal. Please browse our site and email us if you have any queries. We can provide you with similar malas or mukhis shown on other sites.

Rudraksha is derived from two Sanskrit words RUDRA and AKSHA, Rudra meaning Lord Shiva and Aksha meaning tears. Its Latin name being Elaeocorpus Ganitrus Roxb, Elaeocorpus means electromagnetic which gives the Rudraksha its powerful properties. Almost all our malas and pendants use copper and silver as this is the best conductors, to transfer the electromagnetic properties between each bead and then transfer its energy to us. It is said that one's aura changes when the Rudrakshas are worn and within a few days the chakras are unblocked.

All our Rudrakshas are put together in the traditional way as mentioned in the Indian scriptures to give maximum benefit. The Rudraksha can be worn by anyone regardless of religion and belief. Lord Shiva's creation was for the benefit of all. But if you would like your mala energized through a Hindu priest before wearing, this can be arranged.

Important: Rudrakshas cannot be mixed with any gems as they lose their energy and function, as some sellers do. In the Skanda Puran it mentions that the only additions allowed are pearls, ruby, spatikam crystals, silver, gold and vaiduryam (lapiz lazuli).


There are several ways of finding the correct Rudraksha, one may need several malas for different situations.

1. For everyday use, wear the 108 mala, the smaller beads are most comfortable and hardly noticeable, but still giving the benefits of its electromagnetic properties.

2. Find your correct Rudraksha astrologically by using your Nakshatra, this can be found from the calculator. Click on the left to find yours. We can connect it to a mala and worn as a pendant.

3. If you are unsuccessful in business, involved in a law suit, looking for a job, studying at university, or looking for a partner then why not try the ancient Vedic method of combining Rudrakshas. Click on the combination under malas.

4. If you are unwell. In ancient India the wise Rishis would have suggested the correct Mukhi for you.

5. Another method is, if you are for example a devotee of Lord Hanuman then you would wear the 11 Mukhi, Lord Shiva 1 Mukhi etc.

A legend says Lord Shiva was meditating for many years, when one day he opened his eyes to look down on earth, at this point out of compassion several tears fell down and grew to become Rudraksha trees.

The Rudraksha is the most auspicious and energized bead, which Lord Shiva has given for the benefit of mankind. The miraculous properties of the Rudraksha are mentioned in the ancient Indian scriptures such as Shiva mahapuran and Jabal Upanishad. The fruit is blue in colour but can be green or turn purple with age. The trees originated in South East Asia, namely Java, Borneo, Sumatra and later the seeds were planted in Nepal and other parts of India.

The scientific evidence is that the Rudraksha acts as a capacitor, storing energy and can send out subtle electrical impulses and induce vibrations. This results in helping our nervous system, lowering blood pressure, increased concentration, and reducing stress. The Rudraksha is also a kind of shield against negative energies which may harm the body. It is also said in the scriptures that Hindu yogis wearing these experienced tremendous amount of tranquillity and inner peace which helped them meditate in focused manner.

Originally there were 108 types of Rudrakshas in the form of different faces, known as mukhis this can be counted by the series of lines across the seed, but today there are only 38 types. Each mukhi has different electrical impulses. Most Rudrakshas are five faced as in the example shown here. The rarest being the one faced symbolizing Lord Shiva himself. The Rudraksha possess mystical and divine properties and create a protection for the wearer.

38 mukhi

The smaller the Rudraksha the more auspicious. They range from 4-25mm in diameter. The larger variety are mainly produced in Nepal, whilst the Asian countries produce the smaller bead. Rudraksha is usually worn by devotees of Lord Shiva, but can be worn by anyone, regardless of race, gender or faith.

Over the years we have had hundreds of positive testimonials from all corners of the globe. Wearing the Rudraksha beads has helped many throughout their every day life situations from change of career, stress, malefic effects of planets, anger, fear, lack of focus etc.

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