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Tri mukhi 3 faced Rudraksha bead


Tri or 3 mukhi (faced) Rudraksha

This Rudraksha bead represents Agni the god of fire.It’s a high energy bead, good for those lazy people. It is said this bead burns past sins, and he will reach his goals in life. And protects one from fire.

This Rudraksha bead burns and consumes everything but at the same time is untouched remaining pure. Past sins are burnt in the fire of Agni.
This bead astrologically represents the planet Mars, so if one has a malefic Mars or said to be Manglik in their jyotish chart creating short temper and anger. A badly afflicted Mars in the house of marriage would create disharmony. This bead is considered the remedy.

There are several mantras which can be recited to evoke the bead, namely Om Kleemnamah, Om dhumdhumnamah and Om namah.
The most sought after three mukhis are the Nepali due to the clarity of the lines and size. The Indonesian variety are very small, around 10mm and would be more affective when made into a mala of 108 beads. This mala is claimed to be able to kill sins going back to previous births so one can move on in life.

Tri mukhi is mentioned in various ancient sources such as the Shiva MahaPuran (Vidyesvara Samhita) Chapter 25 part 67 where it mentions;‘Three faces always bestow means of enjoyment.As a result of its power all lores become firmly established. In Padma Puran Chapter 57 part 42-47:‘The one with three mouths is fire himself; the sin earned in the past births of him on whom it remains is burnt as fire burns fuel.The sins are perished at that moment of wearing. Mantramaharnava: A Rudraksha with three faces is Fire himself, it removes sins of killing unborn. Also mentioned in Nirnayasindhu, Rudrakshajabalopanisad, and Mahakala Samhita.

This bead is supposed to cure diseases such as blood defect, small pox, diabetes, bone fracture, ulcers, and wounds. Those with inferiority complex benefits from this bead.

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