SINCE 1999

Questions and answers.

1.What is the difference between your company and others, as there are many Rudraksha sellers online?

We are the first Rudraksha business to create an android APP packed with free information. We were selling Rudraksha beads to the USA and Canada from here in Australia well before 1999. One thing is for sure many Rudraksha sellers will push the higher priced bead, regardless of the clients need. We aim to provide the correct bead whether it could be a five mukhi or 21 mukhi. We display the images of the exact beads one will receive. Many other sellers display an image but send something else. Importantly we only sell genuine as deal direct with farmers and close to the source as possible. India and Nepal has many fakes. We don't telemarket the Rudrakshas by ringing and hounding people after or prior to purchasing.

2.Are your beads genuine?

We only sell genuine beads. Please don't ask this question, with over 20 years in business we would have been shut down if selling fakes especially from Australia, where there are strict regulations.

3.When will my package arrive?

If you are in Europe, USA and Canada it generally takes around 14 days, via regular Australia post mail. Our prices include the postage. If you want express post, just message us.

4. Which is the best form of connecting the Rudrakshas as a mala?

The Rudraksha is best strung using silver or copper to magnify the powers of the electromagnetic properties. It can also be strung the traditional way of using the red thread, each bead connects and becomes a magnetic field. The bead can be strung according to one's own faith.

5. Can the Rudraksha mala be interchanged with other people?

No. The mala should only be worn by the same person once it has been purchased, that's why one should not wear second hand malas. The exception being Rudrakshas handed down from relatives.

6. Can the Rudraksha be worn at all times?

When one is bathing it should be removed, or any physical intimacy or activities from the waist downwards. The Rudrakshas are sacred and have been so for thousands of years, to gain any benefits from the beads one should treat them with some respect. At night ideally place it at an altar or sacred spot. If travelling keep it on during sleep time. Do not wear whilst attending funerals. Some sellers, claim the beads can be worn 24/7 even for women during menstruation, which is nonesense.

7. How long is it before one gains from wearing them?

Very often the calming effect is felt immediately, but for most it starts around forty days. The benefit is accumulative. The main thing is not to expect too much. Ideally the beads need to be energized before being worn and traditionally Monday is the first day of wearing.

8. In one word what is the main effect of wearing the Rudraksha?


9. Can meat eaters wear Rudraksha?

Yes. The Rudraksha in the Shiva Purana mentions a 'devotee of Shiva shall refrain from eating meat, garlic, onion, red garlic, potherb, Slesmataka, pig of rubbish and liquors'. If one is a devotee of Lord Shiva then the Rudraksha should be worn at all times as mentioned in the scriptures and therefore he or she should ideally be vegetarian. It also mentions people of all varnas and asramas, women and shudras can wear Rudrakshas. Lord Shiva the compassionate one has created the Rudrakshas for the benefit of mankind regardless of race, gender or faith. Nowadays people wear the Rudrakshas for healing, or to counter attack the malefic effects of planets, but if one is on the Eastern spiritual path being vegetarian is an integral part of it. In this age of Kali yuga, its considerably harder to follow the correct dharmic path. Some people remove the Rudraksha whilst eating meat or drinking alcohol out of respect to the sacred beads.

10. Can one mix the Rudraksha with any gems or metals?

No. The Rudraksha's circuit will be broken if mixed with any stones, and it would no longer be a spiritual object, it would lose its magnetism. The 108+1 beads have been used since ancient times. If one needs to add gems, then pearls, ruby, spatikam crystals, silver, gold and lapiz lazuri can be used as mentioned in the Skanda Purana.

11. Are there fakes?

Yes. The higher mukhis of 10 and above and the 1 mukhis is commonly made from fibre glass or porcelain. It is also often created by joining several cheaper ones together and carving the lines. There are various methods suggested to test the genuineness of them, but ultimately it lies in the experienced trained eye.

12. How to maintain the Rudrakshas?

The Rudraksha is very tough and can last for a thousand years. They can be rubbed occasionally with olive or sandal wood oil, this will make them shine, and protect them from cracking.

13. Is there any difference between the Nepali and Indonesian Rudraksha in terms of energy?

Both have similar energy. But Nepali due to its size has more healing capacity. Nepali are rarer than the Indonesian beads, and have higher demand, so price is high. If you are to wear a single bead then Nepali is best.

14. What is a mukhi?

A mukhi or mukha is a face of the bead. So one mukhi would have one face and one seed. Ten mukhi would have ten faces and ten seeds. The lines defining the mukhis are clearer on the Nepali beads. The Javanese beads have more raised lines.

15. How long before the effect of the mukhi/mala takes place?

Most people claim the wearing the mala gives its effect from 30 till 40 days.

16. Do genuine Rudrakshas sink in water?

Fully ripened beads will sink, but unripe ones (not fully formed) will float. These days many fakes will sink too as often a piece of metal or lead is inserted to counterbalance the bead. The best way is to get the beads from a reliable supplier.