SINCE 1999

Lord Shiva Mantras

Listed here are some of the most known and powerful mantras, to invoke Lord Shiva and receive his blessings.


Om namah Shivaya. The panchakshari Shiva mantra.

This is the most well know of all mantras, meaning I surrender to you Shiva. Usually chanted 108 times and best with a Rudraksha mala. Gives inner peace and harmony.


Om namo Bhagavate Rudraya.

This mantra is said to give all good things in life, and can be used for protection.


Om Mahadavaya vidmahe Rudra murtaye dhimahi tanno Shiva pracodayat. The Shiva Gayatri.

Gives peace, spiritual progress and detachment.


Om hreem hroum kaarya sidhim namah Shivaya.

For success in all areas of work and starting of new projects.


Om hreem gloum namah Shivaya.

For removal of obstacles and peace and harmony.


Om trayambakam yajamahe sugandhim pushti vardanam
Urvarukameva bandhanaan mrityor muksheya mamrutaat. The Mrityunjaya mantra.

Powerful healing mantra and is reputed to avert timely death, will increase one’s lifespan. Chanted for one who is seriously ill can prolong their life.


Om shreem namah Shivaya Om shreem.

This mantra can attracts prosperity by adding the bij mantra shreem.