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Purify or energize the beads.

Before wearing the Rudraksha there are some simple rules:

Due to the sacredness of the Rudraksha as mentioned in the ancient Indian scriptures, it should be purified and energized before it is to be worn. This is of course entirely up to the wearer.

First of all the Rudraksha unless it has been handed down by a guru, close relative of friend, must be in a new unworn condition.

Second hand malas found in markets will not be suitable for purification. It must be clean undamaged without any cracks or holes
The Rudraksha is not confined to the Shaivites or devotees of Lord Shiva, it belongs to mankind and can be worn by anyone, from any faith.

rudraksha abhisek

The Rudraksha needs respect, and to be worn without high expectations of its miraculous effects. In time the effects would be accumulative.

Simple rules:
1. Rudraksha should not be worn while intoxicating with alcohol, drugs, etc.
2. Rudraksha should not be worn during any physical intimacy.
3. Rudraksha should not be worn attending a funeral.
4. Rudraksha should not be worn by ladies during the menstrual cycle.

These are simple rules but if broken unintentionally can be purified with a simple ritual as shown below. There are more elaborate rituals which are best done by a Shiva priest. Alternatively the Rudraksha can be taken to a Shiva temple and the appropriate puja can be performed on the Lingam. Otherwise here is simple ritual which can be done by anyone. In Sanskrit it is known as Abhisekam. Find an auspicious day, or use Monday which is the day for Lord Shiva.

1. Place the Rudraksha next to an image of Lord Shiva or a Lingam.
2. Using Ganges water, which can be purchased from any Indian grocery. Sprinkle it lightly over the Rudraksha until saturated with this holy water.
3. Using Sandalwood powder, also from the Indian shop. Mix it into a paste and apply to the mala or Mukhi.
4. Place a flower near the Rudraksha and offer an incense.
5. Chant the Mahamrityunjaya mantra or ''Om namah Shivaya' 11 times as a minimum amount, it can be 108. This should be done sincerely.
6. The Rudraksha is now ready to be worn, keep at the altar.

For each Mukhi extra mantras can be chanted check the appropiate mantras for the specific Mukhi.

This process can be done monthly or on auspicious days such as Maha Shivaratri.


Rudraksha Shabar Mantra