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Brief introduction by Chris Wong Feng Shui consultant.

To learn, practise and share knowledge and experience of Fong Sway is the principle of my whole life. Why they use Fong Sway for modern construction? China has a long history of Fong Sway which was produced before the reign of the Chin Dynasty. During this time it was known as the study of the environment, which was called the face of the land. Fong Sway was developed further in the Sway Dynasty into what is commonly known. It was widely believed that Fong Sway was a superstition. In fact Fong Sway is a science. In ancient China the people described Heaven as Father and Earth as Mother out of respect. This respect was developed into a theory, which developed the natural trace elements of Wood, Water, Fire, Earth and Metal. This concept was further developed into the “Yin and Yang” theory, combined with the 12 yearly cycle of the animal zodiac.

Let’s give examples:

The emperors of each century of China, were very careful to select land close to beautiful mountains and flowing water. Using this theory the emperors chose not to locate land in undesirable places, and using the sunrise and sunset using this theory selection was made easier for the location of bountiful palaces and kingdoms. As humans developed and understood the environment, of the earth, and how the relations between survival and respect for the earth and all living entities.

Water is the Chi of the Earth

The soil is the muscle of Earth

The trees are the hair of the Earth

Mountains are the skeleton of the Earth

Lava is the blood of the Earth

If you treat the environment where you live as your body you can live a hundred years of happiness and a hundred years of longevity.

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